Videos de Entrenamiento

Diseño de estación para protección contra sobretensiones y aislamiento de protección catódica

This video discusses Station design techniques and related to designing for over-voltage protection for safety, along with cathodic protection schemes to prevent corrosion.

AC Mitigación 101

Perhaps the most common use of Dairyland decouplers today is for AC Mitigation projects. In this introductory series we will briefly discuss how a decoupler is used for this application, which products to use for your AC Mitigation projects, and what safety considerations you need to be aware of when using Dairyland devices for this application


Why Do I Need a Decoupler?

Selecting the Right Decoupler

Safety Considerations


Tapetes de puesta a tierra para protección de voltaje Steo y Touch

Originally presented at the 2015 Purdue Underground Corrosion Short Course, this video covers the essentials of using gradient control mats to address over-voltage concerns from touch and step potentials.

Fundamentos de aislamiento y seguridad a tierra en sistemas de protección catódica

This video covers the basics of using decouplers to simultaneously isolate DC (Cathodic Protection) current while simultaneously providing safety grounding to prevent harmful situations from AC fault current or lightning.

Los 10 principales malentendidos de la protección con sobretensiones

In this video, presented in top 10 format, we’ll take a look at the top 10 misunderstandings about over-voltage protection that we encounter in the corrosion industry.

Mas Malentendidos con respecto a la protección contra sobretensiones

Following up our Top Ten Misunderstandings video, this video includes more commonly heard misunderstandings related to Over-Voltage protection encountered in the corrosion industry.

Consideraciones de seguridad para los diseños de mitigación de CA

This three part training session focuses on key mitigation concepts including touch/step potentials, lightning & AC fault considerations, ground mat design, and the use of decouplers in mitigation design. Parte 1

Parte 2

Parte 3

Interacción del desacoplador con las encuestas de intervalos estrechos.

In this advanced training video, we’ll take a look at the interaction that can sometimes occur between decouplers and close interval survey measurements and discuss some options for rectifying this situation.